Friday, April 25, 2008

Exotic Trekking Tours in India

India is a vast and beautiful country, which offers myriad locations for the discerning travelers. India, as a destination offers numerous options for trekkers to explore its varied terrain. Trekking, the name itself conjures up images of high mountain passes, yaks, ponies and picturesque mountain trails. Trekking however is quite akin to hiking. The only difference between trekking and some other forms of hiking is the fact that your luggage and trekking gear is usually carried by porters, yaks or sometimes ponies. All you need to carry is a small bag with your personal belongings and some water.

We have a team of highly experienced trek advisors who can customize a trekking tour keeping in mind your time and budget constraints. Whether you are a first timer or an advanced trekker, our tour guides will design a trekking itinerary which will suit your requirements precisely. Our experience shows that the hilly terrain of Northern and Eastern India offers a unique opportunity for some action packed trekking tours. There is limitless potential for trekking expeditions in the vast expanse of the Himalayas. We also organize some interesting treks to help you explore the scenic beauty of the North East. Located in the foothills of Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh offers some challenging terrains for the die- hard trekking enthusiasts. With us, you can experience the thrill of trekking through some of the world’s most stunning mountain trails.

The Tawang Chu Valley is surrounded on all sides except the east by mountains with snow peaks and pine forests below. The sheer variety of flora that you get to see in the Tawang Valley is mind blowing. Not for nothing is Arunachal Pradesh known as the treasure trove of Himalayas in India. Few trekking destinations in the world can match the sheer beauty and splendor of the Tawang Valley. Participating in the Tawang Trekking expedition is an adventure you just can’t afford to miss!

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